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Almost ready for OddConUK

Well, almost ready for OddConUK. It's been quite stressful the past couple of months. Money has been the root of it for the most part, or lack thereof. Quite fortunately, I've just about got enough to afford to go to OddConUK this year, which is just as well what with me being one of the guys running it!

It's going to be a great turnout. In bookings alone (so, not including walk-ins) we've already surpassed our total for last year. Let's hope we have enough GMs!

Just in case, I've been digging through my old games and I'm taking the following:
  • One of Our Agents Is Missing - Probably the first convention scenario I ever wrote. This two-part Mage: Technocracy game is still a lot of fun to run.
  • Oh Daddy Dear - A spin-off to the Technocracy game, this Hunter: The Reckoning scenario I consider one of my best convention games.
  • The Stanford Redemption - The crazy-ambitious two-part sequel to the above Hunter game, this is also great fun to run.
  • Table 14 - A two-part 1920s Call of Cthulhu game set aboard a four-stack steamer's maiden voyage (what could possibly go wrong?) that's especially fun to run during the opening scene where I'm playing four NPCs simultaneously!
  • We're H.A.P.P.Y. - A straightforward Zap-style Paranoia game, filled with some Classic-style fun.
  • Tournament of Scarlet & White - The first Qin: The Warring States scenario I ever wrote has evolved over the years.
  • The Song of Bamboo Tears - A sequel of sorts to the above Qin game, but with a different flavour.
That's probably more than I'll get a chance to run. For some reason, my pre-printed copy of my Star Wars (WEG) scenario has gone walkabout, so I probably won't be bringing that, alas.

It's also my birthday on Friday (for which I have to get up crazy early to travel), which makes this the second time that I've spent my birthday at a con. The first was the disastrous (for me, at least) GenCon down in Minehead where I got food poisoning and was laid out for most of the following day. Let's hope history does not repeat itself (not sure whether to claim that as pun intended or not).
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