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Posted on 2011.06.23 at 00:10

Finally,  it is done.

For the past few years, I have been integrating my blog with my website by means of a paid Livejournal account. However, Livejournal has been frustrating me recently. I’ve been repeatedly hit by spam commenters. To deal with this I’ve had to repeatedly lock down the accessibility of my LJ blog to a point that I found it unsatisfactory for me to be paying for my account, even though it really only added up to a few quid a month, I really felt that it wasn’t worth it.

With an aim to enhance my own web designer knowledge-base with WordPress, I decided to install a WordPress blog into my site. The first task I set myself was to create a WordPress Theme that identically matched my existing site so the initial transition would be seamless. This was successful in my initial tests and to my delight I found that WordPress has a plugin that imports all posts from Livejournal. It’s not perfect. Locked posts are simply passworded (so may as well be deleted) and not all embedded material remains intact (namely embedded YouTube). So at some point, when I’m bored, I might go through five years of blog categorising posts and re-embedding videos. Then again, I might have better things to do.

For now, however, I’m happy with this move. It means that my site and blog has far better integration the way I would prefer it to be. Since finally joining Facebook, integrating my blog with Facebook also gives me the cross-site integration that makes my inner web designer happy. I might not be up to some pro standards, but I enjoy doing websites and I count myself as at least pretty damned competent for the most part.

For now I’ve very much crippled a lot of what a WordPress site is capable of achieving. This is mostly because my current website design did not take into consideration the integration of WordPress widgets. As such, I probably need to revisit my design at some point and create some new image elements to allow for inclusion of such features as a calendar archive, etc. Basically, all the stuff associated with blogs in general, let alone WordPress blogs. The process of making the theme wasn’t so bad, but a little tricksy in places. However, I intend (when I next have a bit of time when I should probably be doing something else) to keep tinkering and adding to my site. WordPress is very powerful and my site does not properly exploit its potential by virtue of the fact that I’m overlaying my blog onto an existing bespoke site.

Having not really blogged much, or at all since the end of last year, I intend to become more active again. To what end, I really have no idea… I find it more fun to improvise!

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