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Invader Nim

Snow joke!

Posted on 2010.12.17 at 13:50
Current Location: Under snow
How do you know when there's a snowman in your bed?
You wake up wet!

A bad joke for bad weather. Last night, at the conclusion of our gaming session, we talked briefly about the weather. Guy had been late getting back from work (gone 8pm) because the car he was getting a lift in got snowed in. When Kim asked whether he'd be going in to work or would phone in due to the snow we looked at the weather report. Snow. In Cardiff. Both me and Owen, without hesitation both made the same claims: "Meh, it's Cardiff. We don't really get snow in Cardiff all that much." There was no real hint that it would be particularly bad, aside from the cold evening.

This morning, my mother woke me with a call asking if she could leave the car on my street. The road over the mountain was closed and there was an accident on the other main road, so she was going to leave the car with me and catch the train. I was a little confused with the wording: "Can I get the car to your road?" Well, why wouldn't you?

Opening the curtains, I had not expected to see it so white. Everything was white with several inches. Inches! Cardiff doesn't normally do inches. It usually operates on metric and does a few millimetres to a centimetre at best, but this was the kind of depth you really have to switch to inches to do it justice.

The sun was actually shining and the sky was blue, so the snow was all so dazzling white. Now, of course, it's snowing heavily again and the snow is just white white. Even as I write this, I just got a phone call from my mother telling me that she got back home. When she left my home, there was a train due in about 15 minutes. She walked cautiously and missed the train. However, when the train was announced there was a cheer from the platform. Apparently, every train before that had been cancelled.

This is pretty serious snow for Cardiff. The bus services have stopped running, even the trains are affected, though I saw a Royal Mail van still delivering parcels! That's impressive.
We all have such an idyllic Xmas card idea of the romantic White Christmas, but the reality is that snow messes things up. It may look pretty but it screws around with public transport, and this close to Christmas is risks people not getting to be with their families, etc. It's a less than ideal situation.

Yes, the snow is pretty. Yes, walking in the snow is kind of nice. Do I like it? Hell, no.


picks_at_flies at 2010-12-17 17:47 (UTC) (Link)
Bristol has been fantastic this year - we've had a few thin layers of snow that made the trees look beautiful, but it's rarely been a real problem. Of course, I get the extra bonus of only having to leave the house after midday, by which time it's mostly melted anyway!
chinese_lily at 2010-12-18 07:58 (UTC) (Link)
Agreed. I couldn't get home to Sussex last year. I hate the fact that the snow may hamper my efforts this year, as well.
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